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The unified brain model

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The unified brain model

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The unified brain model

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The unified brain model

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– Jacob Korthuis –

Progressive Mental Alignment®

A revolutionary road to total transformation

Progressive Mental Alignment reveals and releases the hidden subconscious energy responsible for poor health, behavioral problems and more.

Progressive Mental Alignment® places the power of healing and success in your own hands by unlocking and empowering the brain’s own self-healing ability. It powerfully advances the recovery of emotional and physical health, naturally from within. 

Progressive Mental Alignment® represents an entire new model of how the subconscious brain works. It’s the first time all recognized and undisputed scientific facts are combined into one record, known as the first Unified Brain Model. It’s the blueprint from which the Progressive Mental Alignment Technique emerged. 

Progressive Mental Alignment®Our personal growth, success and health are unnecessarily inhibited by subconscious roadblocks. In a few easy steps The Progressive Mental Alignment Technique removes these roadblocks so growth is easier, quicker, and permanent. It lays the groundwork for personal development and enriches great training by offering permanent results. 

Progressive Mental Alignment® was founded by Dutch researcher, scientist 
and holistic health specialist, Jacob Korthuis.


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Feeling back-to-school stress?

School is almost back in session and whether you're a student, parent or teacher, some stress may be in store. PMA founder Jacob Korthuis offered health-minded solutions to this yearly stressor on WESH 2 News.  

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 In his latest live interview on Orlando's CW18, Progressive Mental Alignment founder, Jacob Korthuis, shares the secret to accomplishing your New Year's resolutions.

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Our first LIVE American television Interview with CW18

Jacob Korthuis spoke with CW18's Michelle Imperato and Stewart Moore about the latest science surrounding the holiday blues- which plague people year after year.

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Desirable Power

See how the Unified Brain Model reveals the true source of emotional and physical problems and outlines the pathway to permanent healing for ultimate control of your life.

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Daily guidance and inspiration based on the incredible insights of Progressive Mental Alignment, meant to empower your daily growth in every area of life.

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