We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

- Ronald Reagan -

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 The three pillars of the Progressive Mental Alignment World Wide organization:

  • Affiliate Program (Progressive Mental Alignment globally available)
  • Progressive Mental Alignment partner program (coaching for anyone who wants to grow and get the best out of their life and loves to help people they care about)
  • Foundation / partner program (solutions to integrate Progressive Mental Alignment in education and all care-related professions)‚Äč     


Affiliate program

Do you sense synergy between your company’s goals and the rewards of Progressive Mental Alignment?

Is there is a clear connection between the Progressive Mental Alignment Philosophy and your company's vision?
Experience limitless success from the strength of unity.

Find out more about our rewarding Affiliate programs.


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Progressive Mental Alignment Partner program

If you love to help others and you experienced the Progressive Mental Alignment 8 Day Workshop , you’ll have the special opportunity of becoming a Progressive Mental Alignment Partner.

Why become a Progressive Mental Alignment partner?

  • Mentorship from the Progressive Mental Alignment Institute
  • Access to the latest development in Progressive Mental Alignment research
  • A partnership focused on a collaborative
    effort to create better world
  • Please contact us to get started todayA clear revenue model to support your
    direct involvement as a Progressive Mental
    Alignment Partner


Foundation / partner program

 This program is specially designed for foundations, schools and health-related organizations to achieve their goals in the field of:

  1. Health (PTSD, Depression, psychosomatic complaints, Autism etc.)
  2. Wealth (self-sabotage, true potential etc.)
  3. Relationship (Family, friends, colleagues, etc.)

We provide the funding!

We train and educate your members/colleagues in the

Please contact us to get started today Progressive Mental Alignment technique so they are able to help themselves and other members/colleagues.



Progressive Mental Alignment is globally attainable to anyone exploring healing and improvement in all areas of life for themselves, clients, colleagues and loved ones. Enrich education and healthcare through the seamless integration of Progressive Mental Alignment.





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