Progressive Mental Alignment


For raising the quality of life!

“With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world”

– Dalai Lama –

Our philosophy


Ongoing research about the brain reveals more and more powerful tools that can improve our entire thinking, beliefs, decisions, actions, behavior and health. It is our goal to make these helpful tools available to anyone who wants to mature and improve their health and quality of life.

Many well-informed people worry about our future on our planet. Rationally, we all know that our society and health are in need of improvement. We look for sources of relief and progress. Research shows us, more and more, that the answers for real improvement have to come from inside of us. To take the next step as a species, our first step has to be awareness.  

Growing in awareness will reveal the true manner of improvement and show us how to overcome the negative feelings and desires that inhibit us from progress and growth.  We discovered that we already have the answers and solutions hidden in our subconscious brain. 

History shows us that we always found the solutions when they were most needed. Open-minded people recognized and supported these solutions. They became leaders and mentors, leading others into a better, healthier future. 


Modern research gave birth to Progressive Mental Alignment®. It became the first ‘Unified Brain Model’, which unites all scientific facts into one harmonious model.

Progressive Mental Alignment delivers answers and solutions to improve awareness and quality of life. Progressive Mental Alignment represents a new scientifically based key to unlocking our amazing self-healing abilities. By understanding the subconscious brain, Progressive Mental Alignment presents an elegant and clean technique to cure and improve in a natural way from within. This technique is easy to learn and therefore, applicable for everyone who pursues improvement and growth. 

Progressive Mental Alignment drives global transformation by advancing awareness to a level beyond the body’s genetic impulses so that individuals can revive their boundless inner power and awaken to the ultimate freedom of decision and choice to craft the life they’ve always envisioned and to experience more health, happiness, peace, energy, and success- permanently.







Transform your mind. Transform your life!












"See why your beliefs drive every aspect of your life"


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Our Mission



To offer cutting edge tools, services, and insights that empowers people to drive their own subconscious energy towards better health, beliefs, behavior, happiness, and success.



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Our Vision



Creating the awareness that the Unified Brain Model needs to be the first resort of finding solutions for better health, behavior and relationships. The tools to do so easily and effectively, need to be implemented worldwide into school and health systems and be accessible to everyone.