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 Inspired  enthusiasm,  engagement  and  innovation

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  Limitless  growth  and  opportunity

“People have the right to know and the right and freedom to make their own well-informed choices and decisions.”

– Jacob Korthuis –

Progressive Mental Alignment

Growth  redirected.  Success  redefined.

Progressive  Mental  Alignment  breaks  through  the  most  powerful  barriers  of  success  to open  new  pathways  of  limitless  growth.


You don’t just want to work. You want to change things. You want to create, grow, succeed and shine. You want to be a part of something great, something different. So does your team.

  • With more than half of all employees reporting a lack of engagement globally, the workplace is demanding a change that will transform success as we know it.
  • At PMA, we recognize that individual excellence fuels the engine of organizational advancement.

We strengthen your foundation by:

  • Offering revolutionary insight based on the newest science about the brain’s impact on success
  • Identifying unique growth opportunities and empowering personal potential at all levels
  • Identifying the root source of trouble spots and transforming them into strengths
  • Fortifying a unified vision that fosters a shared commitment to boundless progress.
  • Delving deeply into the powerful root source of drive and desire using revolutionary tools like the PMA Quickscan
  • Redirecting your business towards a path of common purpose and possibility.
  • Expanding personal perspectives to foster connections based on trust, authenticity and openness for advanced cooperation, connection and creativity.

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If Jacob Korthuis would ever receive the Nobel Prize, I would definitely not be surprised!! 

Drs. (PhD) Jaap Tybout, Psychologist, Utrecht, The Netherlands







"The source of greater health, happiness and success is hidden in your brain"

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"The life you deserve is waiting for your approval"




The PMA Mini-Workshop

Instantly feel your life's potential and mind-body connection to a dramatic new level in just two hours with the #1 Dutch expert on the brain and human behavior, Jacob Korthuis.

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The Advance Training and PMA Certification Course (2x4 days):

Progressive Mental Alignment training en certification course


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Some of Our Tools for You


Mind Blowing Management

Lead from an empowered perspective. Discover revolutionary insight about the root source of our greatest drive, desires, behaviors and beliefs. Eliminate the deepest barriers of growth and invite greater success and leadership in all areas of business.

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The Advance Training and PMA Certification Course (2x 4 days)

Experience the power of Progressive Mental Alignment at this expert level journey through the subconscious brain. Discover its powerful impact on every aspect of your professional and personal life. Understand the root source of your greatest drive and how to take back control of your success and health. Witness the practical application of PMA and how to use these revolutionary insights to lead people towards their greatest potential. Don’t just lead. Transform!

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Desirable Power

Delve deeply into the inner working of the brain and discover how it impacts every aspect of your life. Strengthen the foundational aspects of your identity. Re-direct your personal and professional life towards a path of permanent success. 

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