“People have the right to know and the right and freedom to make their own well-informed choices and decisions.”

– Jacob Korthuis –

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Progressive Mental Alignment is the only method capable of permanently removing subconscious roadblocks that inhibit our personal growth, health and success.

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PMA Institute

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Institute for Research and development of The Unified Brain Model.







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PMA Minded

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Ingrid Schabbing, Director of Coaching and PMA Master Coach at the Progressive Mental Alignment Institute Inc, life-long explorer of personal life solutions, and unwavering optimist, is passionate about helping you to discover the untapped potential that will open the doors to the life you’ve always dreamed of.  


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Jacob Korthuis

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Dutch researcher, scientist and holistic health specialist. Founder and developer of Progressive Mental Alignment®, The Unified Brain Model





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The astounding benefits of Progressive Mental Alignment are enormous but to really grasp its true power, you have to experience a personal session. From the very first moment, you will experience positive changes in all the areas you wish to improve the most. More and more, you’ll awaken to the fullness of your potential!

Progressive Mental Alignment videosExperience the power of Progressive Mental Alignment right now. Watch founder Jacob Korthuis demonstrate how Progressive Mental Alignment works in this interactive video.



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The PMA Mini-Workshop

Instantly feel your life's potential and mind-body connection to a dramatic new level in just two hours with the #1 Dutch expert on the brain and human behavior, Jacob Korthuis.

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The Advance Training and PMA Certification Course (2x4 days):

Progressive Mental Alignment training en certification course


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